Monday, 5 December 2016

Energetic SupValue 16 Watt 4FT LED Tube 6500K 165D 16W


  • 210°emitting area and 150°beam angle
  • Long lifetime: 40,000hrs
  • Built-in LED current-control driver
  • UV and IR radiation can be avoided
  • Easy for installation
  • Mercury-Free
  • Single end power input
  • Rotatable end caps


  • Operating temperature range is between -20 C~+45 C
  • Only for indoor application

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Colour TemperatureDaylight/ Cool Daylight 6500K
Energy SavingYes
BaseTube Base G13
Volts220 - 240V
Bulb TypeTube
DimensionLength 1212mm x Diameter 28mm
Beam Angle165 D
Other Code152004 / 220-240V/240
Lamp ApplicationSupermarket, warehouses, garages, cold storage, supply rooms, corridors, industry and stairways
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