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Osram Superstar LED Downlight 8W 850LM 4000K

Osram Superstar LED Downlight 8W 850LM 4000K
Osram Superstar LED Downlight 8W 800LM 3000K

Product Features:
- Direct connection to AC power supply thanks to integrated control gear
- Energy-saving alternative to luminaires that use halogen lamps
- Bright, robust and durable
- Uniform room illumination
- 40,000 hrs Long life
- Mercury-free technology
- 92mm Cutout with IC-4 insulation rating – can be covered be thermal insulation.
- IP44 splash proof – ideal for bathrooms
- Kit Includes: Superstar LED Downlight with integrated electronic control gear, 1.2 m flex & plug.

Colour TemperatureWarm White 3000K
Lumen800 lm
Dimension90mm x 41mm Cutout
Life40,000 hrs
Beam Angle110 D
Lamp ApplicationReplacements for conventional light sources for both residential and commercial applications.

Lighting Guide: LED Downlight Buying Guide - MR16, GU10, Downlight Kits

LED Downlight Buying Guide

LED Lighting is the number one choice when replacing your old halogen downlights – but with so many options and brands on the market, how do you decide what’s best for you? The following article aims to help you choose the option best suited for your home, budget and requirements.

The Types of LED Downlights:

MR16 Retrofit (GU5.3 Base): - Example – Philips Master LED MR16 7W 60D 3000K Dimmable

MR16 LED light bulbs are compatible with 50W halogen downlight transformers, and many, such as the Phillips Master MR16, are fully dimmable. This means you can retrofit your MR16 globe to your old transformer – no replacement needed.
The GU5.3 base can directly replace standard MR16 halogen lamps with a do-it-yourself bi-pin push-fit design.

This makes the MR16 a convenient, direct replacement for your old Halogen MR16s. They are cheaper to replace if any fail (which is rare) and are in long term more reliable.
However, issues begin if the transformer isn’t compatible. Meaning either new transformers are needed, or we move onto our next option – the GU10.

GU10 Retro Fit: - Example - Verbatim PAR16 GU10 6.5W Dimmable 3000K

Like the MR16, the GU10 is another retrofit solution to the old Halogen downlights. Unlike the MR16, the GU10 comes with its own transformer built in, meaning it’s a good solution if your previous halogen transformer isn’t compatible with MR16s.

Unlike the MR16, this means that if the light fails, it must be replaced completely. GU10s also run much hotter – and run a risk of failing earlier than an MR16.
This leaves the final, and most comprehensive option – a Downlight Kit.

Downlight Kit: - Example - Osram Superstar Downlight 8W 850LM 4000K

Downlight kits are a full replacement for old halogen lights. Rather than retrofitting to the old transformer, these have their own dedicated driver, and can plug directly into a power socket.

While this will require an electrician to install, they have the highest lumen output, work with dimmers, and are the best solution for anyone concerned about the misgivings of a retrofit solution – such as the replacement bulb not completely fitting the ceiling hole.  

Keep in mind, the LED kits are often more expensive than their retrofit counterparts.

Brightness and Lumens:

Once you’ve decided on which option is best for you, it’s time to consider the brightness you require. Brightness is measure in LUMENS (Not Watts) and even a lower wattage LED light can have a higher lumen than a higher watt counterpart.

A lumen rating of 400 or higher is recommended for downlights.

Here’s some comparisons for your consideration –

Beam Angle

Beam angle describes the range of light, and how far the light from the downlight reaches. The higher your ceiling, the wider your beam angel should be in order to compensate for the distance the light needs to travel. A beam angle of 60°is recommended for most household applications.

Colour Temperature and CRI

LED Lighting comes in a range of colour temperatures. The most common of these is 3000K, or Warm White, which aims to mimic halogen globe colours.
CRI is another, extremely important consideration, and we’ve written another blog explaining it for you HERE .


Which such a wide range of considerations, it may be hard to decide on a solution right away. Price is also a consideration, as is brand. If you have any doubts or queries, our talented team here at Lightonline are always ready to help you.
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NEW Blog - The benefit of LED high bay lights and why you should make the change today!

NEW BLOG - The benefit of LED high bay lights and why you should make the change today!

While the switch from traditional high bay lighting to LED may seem like the obvious choice, many are still sitting on the fence when it comes to making the upgrade. Industrial spaces such as warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities traditionally use older technology such as metal halides for their lighting requirements. When the time comes to replace a lamp, more than a few businesses will opt to simply replace old technology with old.
This is the easy choice, and perhaps the short-term savings choice – but not the most commercial option. While biting the bullet to upgrade to a high-quality circular LED high bay may seem like a large investment, the long-term savings and benefits are not to be overlooked.

Long lasting in life and lumen:

New LED High bays last up to 50,000 hrs vs a metal halide’s 11,000, and this doesn’t just affect the time to needing replacement.
While a conventional highbay will significantly reduce in lumen output as time goes on, new LED highbay’s will keep 95% of their initial brightness up until obsolescence. This more than makes up for the lumen reduction one will see in halogen vs led discussions.
Not only that, but every year LED technology improves, increasing the lumen output while keeping wattage low – and keeping the lights even more compact. Take the Deluxlite UFO Highbay as an example, it reaches up to 19,500lm while operating at just 150W!

Employee safety and productivity:

 Metal halide lights, a type of HID (high intensity discharge) light, have a dangerous history of overheating and exploding from high pressure. While this is associated as an end of life behaviour, halides can fail and explode, even when new. This presents a risk not only to employees, but the entire facility. Exploding lights can lead to fire and property damage.
Circular LED highbay lights mitigate this risk as they do not run hot, nor do they have a history of issues like the metal halide.
They also produce a better-quality lumen, and can be easily adjusted to point towards workstations and other areas where a concentration of light will benefit employees.

Energy saving and carbon footprint:

Industrial spaces like warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities are known for their high electricity bills and the detrimental carbon footprint they produce. Replacing old halides with LED Highbays will quickly help with both the presented issues.
LED’s produce far less heat and UV, use up to 70% less energy than a HID light, and last longer. Less replacement’s means less carbon produced in their manufacturing – and a lower electricity bill for you.
Lightonline is here to provide you with the best lighting options for your business. Click here for our Highbay LightsMR16s, and Cornlights!
If your interested in how LED light technology can benefit your business in other ways, read up on our MR16 LED blog.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Deluxlite LED Slim Panel Lights 45W in Cool White

- Energy saving 
- Square LED Panel (45W = 4 x 20W T8 Fluorescent)
  Rectangle LED Panel (45W = 2 x 36W T8 Fluorescent)
- With electrostatic coating external driver
- Thin and light body
- Simple mounting
- High quality PMMA surface cover
- Soft and uniform light
- Japanese LGP- Aluminium alloy material
- Quality product that passes CE, TUV, ROHS and Australian Standard SAA 150689 testing

Energy SavingYes
Volts220 - 240V
Colour TemperatureCool White 4000K
Bulb TypeSMD2835
Lumen3974 Lm
DimensionSquare Panel: 595 x 595 x 9mm  and Rectangle panel: 1195 x 295 x 9mm
Life50,000 hrs
Beam Angle120D
Lamp ApplicationOffice, conference room, bank, hospital, factory

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

NEW Blog - Energy Saver LED Corn Replacement Lamps for HID/HPS/MHL

The LED Corn lights features LED Technology combined with a modern sculptural design. It has the most minimalist design which suits both modern and contemporary interior styles.
Engineered for illuminating speciļ¬c design applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, workshops, distribution centres and gymnasiums. These corn lights come in two base sizes, one is E27 which is the small one and the other one is E40 which is the big one. Both the sizes comprises of a mixture of colour combinations which are the warm white and day light so that it can fit into different temperatures. It is engineered to produce a highly efficient lumen output which is perfect for energy efficient lighting upgrades and new installations.
Talking about the warehouse lighting, the 400 watt metal halide can be replaced with the 125 watt corn light; the control gear would need to be decommissioned. Then the replacement corn lamp can be installed on the 240 volt power supply. There are ranges of voltage from 15 watt to 125 watt designed to meet different light level requirements.
As our company provides a wide range of replacing lights, so this product is also a replacement of the old bulbs. The benefits of this replacing product are firstly, it is very less power consuming. An example of old technology that consumes 400W power has a replacement bulb taken down to 125W. The second benefit is that it has an extremely long lifespan.
It is extremely favourable in Australian operating environments as it has the unique passive cooling heatsink provides superior thermal management feature. Factories, warehouses, schools, shopping centres and public buildings are prime areas for this product.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Philips High Bay GreenPerform 120W LED Highbay in Neutral White On Sale Now!

Philips High Bay GreenPerform 120W LED Highbay in Neutral White for $214.50 each!

Philips GreenPerform 120W LED Highbay in Neutral White

    - 70% energy savings compared to 400W Metal Halide high bays
    - IP65 waterproof / outdoor rated protection
    - Long Life: 50,000 hour 
    - Colour Temp: Neutral White - 4000K
    - Lumens: 16000 lm
    - Wide beam angle (100˚)
    - Comes with power cord and mounting hook
    - Turns on instantly, compared to the slow warm-up of HID lamps

Volts  220 - 240V
Watts  120W
Colour Temperature  Neutral White - 4000K
Lumen  16000 lm
Dimension  Height 105 mm x Diameter: 417 mm
Life  50,000 hrs
Other Code  BY698P LED160/NW PSU WB L3000 EN - 911401845899
condition  new

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