Wednesday, 26 October 2016

UV Light - BLB Mercury Vapour, BLB Fluorescent Tube And Stage Studio Light

Philips TLD Black Light Blue 18W
Philips TL-D/08 Blacklight Blue lamps are low-pressure mercury-vapor fluorescent lamps.
They have an inner envelope coated with a fluorescent powder that emits long-wave UV radiation to excite luminescence.
Special Light ColourBlack Light Blue
BaseTube Base G13
Bulb TypeT26
Dimension604 x 28 mm
Life5000 hr
Other CodePhilips TL-D 18W BLB
Lamp ApplicationBlacklight Blue
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- Blacklight Blue Mercury Vapour
- Requires external ballast
- Bulb is not suitable for household usage
Special Light ColourBlack Light / Actinic Blue
BaseEdison Screw[ES] E27
Bulb TypeBlacklight mercury
Dimension160 x 65 mm
Other CodeSYLVANIA HSW 125 0023970 125W E27
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- Deluxlite Blacklight Lamp
- Operates on appropriate control gear
- Dark blue coloured glass
- Universal burning position

Special Light ColourBlack Light Blue
BaseTube Base G13
FinishDark blue
Bulb TypeT8
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Just $17.60 to get this Osram LED Downlight - Osram Led Parathom Pro MR16

Osram LED MR16 7W 3000K 36D Dimmable

- Replacement of halogen lamp
- 30,000 hrs lifetime
- Reduce energy consumtion up to 86%
- Shock 
- Proof and vibration-proof
- Dimmable
- UV & NIR radiation free
- Mercury free
- Operates with most common conventional and electronic control gear


- Hotels, restaurant, commercial areas, residentials
- Art Galleries, museum, office space

Colour TemperatureWarm White 3000K
Energy SavingYes
BaseLamp Base GU5.3
Bulb TypeMR51
Lumen420 Lm
Dimension50 x 50 mm
Life30,000 hrs
Beam Angle36D
Other CodeOSRAM PARATHOM PRO MR16 50 36d ADV 7 Watt / 830 GU5.3
Lamp Applicationhospitality, residential, public buildings
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Monday, 17 October 2016

Philips Master Led Downlight Mr16 7W 60D Cool White Dimmable

Philips Master LED
Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, MASTER LEDspot LV is an ideal retrofit solution for spot and general lighting applications in the hospitality industry. It is particularly suited to public areas such as receptions, lobbies, corridors, stairwells and washrooms, where the light is on all the time.The robustly designed MASTER LEDspot offers a choice of beam angles for a clearly defined beam spread. There is no UV or IR in the beam, making it suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects (food, organic materials, paintings, etc.).The patented intelligent driver enables broad compatibility with existing electromagnetic and electronic halogen transformers. The dimmable versions drive further efficiencies, while helping to create the desired atmosphere

- Direct replacement for all 50W
- 'low voltage' MR16 / GU5.3 halogen downlights
- Up to 86% energy saving
- Colour Temperature - 4000K (Cool white)
- Fully dimmable with wide transformer compatibility
- New design to fit in virtually all fittings
- Silent operation - no internal cooling fan

Colour TemperatureCool White 4000K
Energy SavingYes
BaseLamp Base GU5.3
Lumen420 Lm
Dimension54.5 x 50.5 mm
Life40,000 hrs
Beam Angle60D
Other CodePhilips LEDspot Low Voltage MR16
Lamp Applicationspot and general lighting applications in hospitality, retail and home segment
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Friday, 14 October 2016

Features of Two Electronic Transformer - OSRAM And Philips Electronic Transformer

  • This transformer is designed for the use with Low Voltage halogen lamps only
  • The transformer is only suitable for indoor use only
  • A thermal fuse has been built into the transformer, which will cut off the circuit of the transformer in the case of overheating (max 70 C)
  • The diameter of the lamp cables must be 0.75 to 1.50 mm2
  • To avoid RF interfering radiation, the lengths of the supply cables of the lamps must not be more than 2 m
  • The overall lamp wattage must be within the values indicated on the transformer (10-40W)

Volts230 - 240V
Watts10-40W 0.18A
Dimension120 x 40 x 25 mm

  • Smooth dimming with selected dimmers
  • Long lifetime 40,000 hrs
  • CE, EMC & SELV compliant
  • Compatible with 12V Philips LED MR16 Lamps

Volts220 - 240V
Dimension105 x 45 x 30mm
Life40,000 hrs
Other CodePhilips ET-S 15 LED 220-240V
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