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Trusted online Light Bulb partner for your industries in Australia

Light Online Australia remains the best online store for the owners and users of industrial buildings across Australia, thanks to our vast inventory of high quality industrial light bulbs. Here are just a few reasons why Light Online products are held in such high esteem for industrial environments.

Tough and Durable
In most environments, such as a home, office or school, a burnt out or broken light bulb is merely an inconvenience that can be quickly put right, but industrial environments require something tougher.

That’s exactly what you will be provided with when you shop with LightOnline Light Bulbs. Each one of our industrial light bulbs is manufactured with an extra filament to provide additional protection against the extra stresses – such as sharp knocks and heavy vibrations – that are commonly experienced within an industrial environment. This means that each one will typically last for around 3,000 hours, appreciably longer than the average 1,000 hours of a standard incandescent.

Greatly efficient
Our industrial light bulbs have recently become popular among domestic consumers after an Australian lighting standard confirmation rendered the majority of traditional incandescents obsolete. This left industrial premises requiring a reliable alternative. Fortunately, our bulbs meet the established criteria. You’ll be fully compliant and should also notice a significant drop in your overall energy cost.

Vast variety of bulbs
Our range of industrial service light bulbs encompasses candle, globe, GLS and golf ball shapes, with each type available in several sizes:
  • Candle Globes: available in 15mm or 20mm bayonet diameters or 14mm or 27mm screw-in diameters
  • G95 round: available in 27mm or 22mm screw-in diameters
  • GLS bulb: available with a 22mm bayonet diameter or 27mm screw-in diameter
  • Shatter Proof lamps
We also stock a selection of miniature light bulbs for industrial use, including midget groove, bi-pin, telephone slide and sub-midget types, so you’ll always be able to find what you need.

We offer next day dispatch with all of our orders if placed before 3pm (GMT), with flat fee  standard delivery for orders across Australia. With Light Online Bulbs, we supply the best industrial lighting solutions as quickly as possible, so contact one of our team members today to place your order.

Colour Temperature and Colour Rendering Index in Australia

This guide will explain colour temperature and Colour Rendering Index (CRI), which will help you to choose which energy saver lamps or fluorescent tube lamps to buy.

Colour Temperature

This is a measure of how warm or cool the light given off by a fluorescent lamp appears, with warmer colours having a yellowish tinge and colder colours appearing a lot brighter. What confuses some people is that the warmer a colour is, the colder its colour temperature is. This is because something which is red hot is actually colder than something which is white hot (which makes sense when you think about it) but psychologically the bluish white object seems colder as we associate blue with cold.

Here at The Light Online Australia all our offices and work areas are fitted with 6500k lamps. It helps provide the staff with better light levels and it is deemed to appear a much nicer atmosphere.

Light Online Australia Colour Temperature Index
Light Online Australia - Colour Temperature Index
Colour temperature is measured on the Kelvin (K) scale, which uses the same units as the Celsius or Centigrade scale, but starts at absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius). It is called colour temperature as is derived from the colours of light emited when a body of carbon is heated to different temperatures. If you were to heat it to 2700K it would glow yellowish-white, and if you heated it to 5400-6500K it would glow bluish-white.

A warm white lamp similar to an incandescent bulb, including halogen, has a colour temperature of around 2700K, and gives off light with a yellowish quality, while 5000-6500K represents a bluish white colour as shown in the colour guide.

The most common colour temperatures available are as follows:

2700K is classed as extra warm white and is common in many of the lamps available from supermarkets, DIY sheds and the free ones given away by energy companies. However, this colour has done more damage to the use of CFLi’s due to many retailers selling inferior quality items causing headaches, poor lighting and in some cases short life. At the Light Online Australia we only stock reputable quality lamps with this rating.

3000K is still classified as warm white, but is slightly colder than 2700K and mimics a halogen lamp. Therefore 3000K fluorescent tubes are often used in kitchens which are decorated in white or silver metallic to give a clean feel. We have Deluxlite branded compact fluorescents in 3000k.
3500K is bulk standard white and has been around for over 70 years. Popular in warehouses, corridors, offices and many other applications where people are situated. Half our warehouse is in white and the other half in Daylight. It looks strange but it’s used in many editorials.
4000K is classed as cool white that is often used in office buildings, and you might consider it for a home office to give a more professional feel. It will also appear brighter that White and warm white.
5400-6500K lamps are often branded as 'daylight lamps', having a similar quality of light to a hot summer's day with a blue sky. This is a very cold light that would not usually be used in the home, but may be helpful for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. (SAD)

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

This is a measure of how realistic colours look when they are lit by a lamp. A standard incandescent bulb scores 100% as it produces the full spectrum of colours and therefore has perfect colour rendering.

Fluorescent lamps have a lower CRI because they do not produce the full spectrum of light. Good quality 'triphosphorfluorescents' use three phosphors to give off red, green and blue light. This tricks your eyes into thinking they are seeing white, in much the same way as a TV screen works. If you want colours to look good, you need to choose a fluorescent lamp with a CRI of 80% or higher - this will be fine for everyday use. Specialist fluorescents are available with a CRI higher than 90%, but these are slightly less efficient and are usually only used by professionals such as graphic designers or artists.

You should avoid buying tubes for the home if they do not have a CRI rating of at least 80%, as they may be cheap tubes intended for office buildings. These only use a single phosphor that leaves large gaps in the spectrum of light. They have a CRI as low as 50%, which tends to give people's skin a sickly look, and colours just don't look right. They are also now banned under EU regulations. These give energy saver bulbs a bad name, but are greatly out-performed by modern, household fluorescents with a high CRI.

Perceptions of fluorescent energy saver lamps

People often complain that they do not like fluorescent energy saving lamps because of the colour they produce. This is because they buy discounted 2700k lamps from their supermarket or receive free energy saving lamps from their Energy Company; free ones that are paid for out of their energy bill! These 'free' lamps help energy companies hit their 'carbon reduction targets' but of course don’t even have to be installed! Nothing in life is free.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Philips Germicidal Tube TUV PL18W 4Pins

Philips Germicidal Tube TUV PL18W 4Pins 

TUV PL-L lamps are compact UVC (germicidal) lamps used in professional water and air disinfection units. The compact size of the lamp allows for a small system design and design flexibility. TUV PL-L lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. Thanks to the single-ended lamp base, lamp replacement is easy.
Radiation from these lamps is harmful to the eyes and skin. Installations with these lamps are to be screened off completely.
Special Light ColourTUV UVC (germicidal)
BaseCFL Base - 2G11[4 Pin]
Watts18W 37 mA
Bulb Type2xT16
Dimension38 x 225 mm
Life9000 hrs
Other CodePhilips TUV PL-L 18W/4P 1CT
Lamp Applicationprofessional water and air disinfection units

Philips UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Lamp 20W

Philips UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Lamp 20W
- safer and more effective than any otherlamps in their class
- emit only a very narrow waveband from the ‘B’ bandwidth of the UV spectrum (290 to
- treatment is much more focused and exposure timesare much shorter
- reduction of side effects such as reddening of the skin and itching
- these lamps are suitable for home therapy
Special Light ColourUltra Violet B
BaseTube Base G13
Bulb TypeT38
Dimension589.8 x 40.5 mm
Life2000 hr
Lamp ApplicationPhototherapy

Philips UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Lamp 20W

OSRAM Halogen Display Optic Lamp DYR 650W 240V

OSRAM Halogen Display Optic Lamp DYR 650W 240V
- This bulb must be used in a fixture that has suitable protective shield. screen technique
- This bulb operates at high internal pressure and at high surface temperature
- This bulb generates UV (ultraviolet) radiation
- Do not stare at operating bulb

BaseLamp Base GY9.5[2 Pin Prefocus]
Dimension60 x 20 mm
Other Code64686 DYR 650W 240V GY9.5

OSRAM Halogen Display Optic Lamp DYR 650W 240V

Deluxlite Black Light Blue T5 Fluorescent 28W

DeluxliteDeluxlite Black Light Blue T5 Fluorescent 28W
- Blacklight blue lamps used in discos to produce fluorescent white and UV colours
- Also used in scientific and medical applications
- Operates on appropriate control gear
- Dark blue coloured glass
- Universal burning position

Special Light ColourBlack Light Blue
BaseTube Base G5
FinishDark blue
Bulb TypeT5 BLB
Lamp ApplicationEntertainment, Scientific & Medical

Deluxlite Black Light Blue T5 Fluorescent 28W

Deluxlite Black Light Blue T8 Fluorescent 18W

Deluxlite Black Light Blue T8 Fluorescent 18W 
- Deluxlite Blacklight Lamp
- Operates on appropriate control gear
- Dark blue coloured glass
- Universal burning position

Special Light ColourBlack Light Blue
BaseTube Base G13
ColourDark blue
Bulb TypeT8 BLB

 Deluxlite Black Light Blue T8 Fluorescent 18W

Pj White Reinforced Construction Silicone Coated 60W Edison Screw

Pj White Reinforced Construction Silicone Coated 60W Edison Screw

- Reinforced construction for use where a 'rough use' lamp is required or for use in heavy vibration applications such as roller doors, machinery applications and construction sites.
- Silicone coated for shatter proof application
- Not for general purpose illumination

Colour TemperatureWarm White 2700K
BaseEdison Screw[ES] E27
FinishSilicon Coated
Bulb TypeGLS
Dimension100 x 55 mm
Life1000 hrs
Other CodeRC26060ESF
Lamp ApplicationRoller doors, machinery applications, construction sites