Thursday, 8 December 2016

Deluxlite LED Tube T8 20w Cool White

Save 49% of your electricity bill

By replacing 36W T8 Fluorescent to 20W T8 LED.

Energy Saver LED Tube

- Replacement of 36W T8 Fluorescent
- Linear LED Lamp in T8 shape with G13 socket
- Opal Diffuser
- Rotary and loackable caps
- Driver complies to relevant standards
- Operating temperature range -20D and 40D Celcius
- Isolated driver
- Suitable for operation with magnetic ballast
- Not for operation with ECG, not suitable for dimming

Colour TemperatureCool White 4000K/ Daylight 5000K
Energy SavingYes
BaseTube Base G13
Bulb TypeST8
Lumen2000 Lm
Dimension26 x 1198 mm
Beam Angle140-180D
Lamp ApplicationSupermarket,Warehouse,Cold storage,Supply rooms,Corridors,Industry,Stairways,Garages

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Deluxlite LED Tube T8 20W Daylight:
Philips Corepro LEDtube T8 1200mm 18W G13 6500K:

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