Wednesday, 26 October 2016

UV Light - BLB Mercury Vapour, BLB Fluorescent Tube And Stage Studio Light

Philips TLD Black Light Blue 18W
Philips TL-D/08 Blacklight Blue lamps are low-pressure mercury-vapor fluorescent lamps.
They have an inner envelope coated with a fluorescent powder that emits long-wave UV radiation to excite luminescence.
Special Light ColourBlack Light Blue
BaseTube Base G13
Bulb TypeT26
Dimension604 x 28 mm
Life5000 hr
Other CodePhilips TL-D 18W BLB
Lamp ApplicationBlacklight Blue
More Philips lighting products can be found at LightOnline.

- Blacklight Blue Mercury Vapour
- Requires external ballast
- Bulb is not suitable for household usage
Special Light ColourBlack Light / Actinic Blue
BaseEdison Screw[ES] E27
Bulb TypeBlacklight mercury
Dimension160 x 65 mm
Other CodeSYLVANIA HSW 125 0023970 125W E27
More BLB Mercury Vapour Lights can be found at LightOnline.

- Deluxlite Blacklight Lamp
- Operates on appropriate control gear
- Dark blue coloured glass
- Universal burning position

Special Light ColourBlack Light Blue
BaseTube Base G13
FinishDark blue
Bulb TypeT8
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