Monday, 26 October 2015

GMT Agencies relaunches Online light bulb sales platform for retail customers

The relaunch of for customers to buy from light bulbs online easily with quality buying experience


Australia, October 26,2015 -- Hawthorn, VIC, Australia - GMT Agencies Pty Ltd today announced the relaunch of an e-commerce platform named which will allow its customers to buy from light bulbs online easily with quality buying experience. The company, which prides itself on its reputation of lighting supply with its long experience for unique collection of various technology light bulbs and globes planning to extend its business reach to remote customers across Australia. 

"I ordered a lamp fitting from an older house, I had never seen this type of light before, they had one and it was delivered to my door the next day." Graham reviewed on TrustPilot showing his buying experience and range of light bulbs collection Light Online listed in its online store. While focusing more on user experience LightOnline is giving much more preference to Security and Privacy of members and transaction information by embracing highly secured server with security certificates in place for secure transactions across Light Online. 

Along with the launch of LightOnline, GMT Agencies also announce its own brand of light globes named "Deluxlite" which is getting very popular in the local market with its various ranges of light globes. It also stocks latest technology bulb ranges for its customers such as LED lightsLED DownLightsLED PanelsLED HighBaysXenon LampsBlacklightsFluorescent Tubes and Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Projection Lamps, Plant Growth Lights, Energy Saving BulbsDimmable Lights, Medical Lamps, Ultraviolet Lights, Halogen Lamps, Incandescent Bulbs, Reptile Vitamin lamps, Candle bulbs, Oven globes, Dental Lamps, Theatre Lights and more from various International brands with high quality. LightOnline and GMT Lighting specialize and focused in providing best quality light bulbs and globes to its customers.

The Light Online e-commerce platform will start in Australia and roll out to other locations worldwide over the coming months. Also light online affiliated with various marketing agencies to improve its customer satisfaction.

For more information on how you may partner and benefit from Deluxlite & LightOnline products and services through your own existing small businesses can be contacted us by visiting

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