Monday, 24 August 2015

Philips Jaundice Fluoro 20W 52 Lamp

Philips Jaundice Fluoro 20W 52 Lamp
By emitting light within the 400 to 500 nm bandwith, the Medical Therapy Jaundice /52 lamps have no radiation in the UV range. Thefore the lamps are ideal for treating new born babies suffering from hyperbilirubinemia (neonatal jaundide) and Crigler - Najjar Syndrome (CNS). The highly efficacious phototheraphy lamp also has eliminated the need of blood transfusions in almost all jaundiced infacts.   Lamps should only be used for the threatment of Psoriasis under doctor supervision with an approved Phototheraphy equipment that must be provided with a timer in order to control the UV dose.   Feature: Emision peak at 450 nm, Optimal spectrum for photo-oxidative process to convert unconjugated bilirubin into a watersoluble form.  

Colour Temperature 52
Base Tube Base G13
Volts 60V
Finish Opal
Watts 200W
Bulb Type T38
Lumen 330 Lm
Dimension 589.8 X 40.5 mm
Life 2000 hrs
Other Code TL 20W/52
Lamp Application Jaundice threatment

Philips Jaundice Fluoro 20W 52 Lamp

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